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A massage is good for your muscles

The activities of the Dutch Association for Sport Massage (Nederlands Genootschap voor Sportmassage or NGS) during the Four Days Marches will be supervised by the director of the medical service of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE.

Massages by sport masseurs of the NGS at the rest areas and at the emergency hospital will only be given on strictly medical grounds, following assessment by or on behalf of the director of the medical service, if so required.


We advise all participants to only make use of the NGS sport massage services. The NGS sport masseurs can be recognised by their badges with logo and can identify themselves with their licence. If in doubt: ask for their license. Stichting DE 4DAAGSE and the medical authorities involved strongly advise against using the medical care services offered on the route, mostly without permit of the local authorities.


As a massage, taping or bandage during the Four Days Marches may consist of substantial treatment, the treated participant will be given a detailed card with the reason why the participant was treated and the sport masseur's name. In this way, the process can be closely monitored at the next posts.

Massage post start and finish area

This year the NGS has set up a massage post close to the Wedren – 'Julianapark-Zuid (Medische diensten)' – which is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm. Against a fee you can come here for a sports massage of twenty-five minutes.
The presale of multiday massage cards will be on Sunday and Monday prior to the Four Days Marches from 12 pm to 4pm. 

Follow the NGS during the Four Days Marches on Twitter @ngs4daagse and FacebookNgs 4daagse.

The 101st Four Days Marches in images

Join the Four Days Marches in 2018?
From January onwards, you can find the rules and regulations of the 102nd edition on this website.

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