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Draw by lot 2017

When will a draw take place?

47,000 starting tickets will be available in 2017. If the limit of 47,000 registrations is exceeded during the second registration period, the available starting tickets will be assigned by a draw. The draw will then take place on 7 April.

Who is guaranteed participation and will therefore not included in the draw?

Walkers who have successfully completed the Four Days Marches at least once before are guaranteed participation in the 101st Four Days Marches.

The following four groups are exempt from the draw: anyone who registered for the Via Vierdaagse programme in 2017; anyone born in 2005; anyone who was eliminated by the draws for both the 98th and the 99th editions of the Four Days Marches and anyone who was eliminated by the draws for both the 99th and the 100th Four Days Marches.

Civilian groups and detachments are also excluded from the draw. There are seperate regulations for these participants.

Does participation as a companion also count as a successful participation?

No, it does not. A successful participation is defined as a participation in a regulation distance, in which the participant has received a Four Days Marches Cross or a number as a reward. Participation for an orderly medal does not count as an official participation for a regulation reward. But it is still an achievement which a companion can be proud of!

Who will be included in the draw?

All civilian participants who never succesfully participated in the Four Days Marches before and are registered to take part in the 101st Four Days Marches with the intention of gaining reward 1, will be included in the draw, with the exception of the following four groups: anyone who registered for the Via Vierdaagse programme in 2017; anyone born in 2005; anyone who was eliminated by the draws for both the 98th and the 99th editions of the Four Days Marches and anyone who was eliminated by the draws for both the 99th and the 100th Four Days Marches.

Does everyone have the same chance of being drawn?

Yes, everyone who is included in the draw has the same chance of being drawn.

When will I know whether or not I can participate?

Upon registration, those who are guaranteed participation will be immediately forwarded to the online payment envirement. When online payment is complete, this will be shown on My Four Days. You then know for sure that your participation is guaranteed.

Those who are not guaranteed participation will not be sent to the payment page upon registration, and will need to wait until the second registration period is over. This will be on 1 April. If there are more than 47,000 registrations, there will be a draw, which is due to take place on Friday 7 April. The result of the draw will be announced on My Four Days. ‘Drawn a place’ means that you may participate; ‘not drawn a place’ means that you may not participate. Those who have drawn a place will receive information about how to pay the registration fee. When payment is complete, this will be shown on My Four Days.

How can I see whether or not I have been drawn on My Four Days?

After you have entered your registration number and password on My Four Days a screen will appear showing your details. You will then see the notification "Unfortunately you have not drawn a place and therefore cannot participate in the Four Days Marches this year" or "Congratulations, you have drawn a place and can participate in the Four Days Marches this year". All participants will also receive a personal email (if we have your email address on record) or letter.

Why can I not enter the draw with someone else?

Registrations are personal, which means that the draw is also personal. This is why you cannot enter the draw with one or more other participants. Unfortunately, due to administrative reasons, it is not practical to combine individual registrations. Not only do technical changes need to be made, but one of the parties may also change their mind if the situation changes. We just cannot fulfil everyone's individual wishes. With the current regulations, we try to fulfil the requirements of the majority of participants. When somebody registers, they are informed well in advance of the implications if they are drawn. You have to weigh this up yourself.

If I am drawn, do I then have to participate?

No, you do not. If you are drawn, and therefore may participate, you have until 30 April to cancel your registration in writing. You will not need to pay the registration fee in this case, and you do not have to provide us with a reason for your cancellation.

Can I give away my starting ticket?

No, you cannot. Registrations are personal and therefore non-transferable. The fact that some people will not use their starting ticket is factored into the number of registrations. This is why the registration limit is always higher than the number of participants for which the route is suitable. If you decide not to use your starting ticket, you have until 30 April to cancel.

Is a waiting list drawn up after the draw?

No, there is no waiting list. The draw is executed under the supervision of a civil law notary, and its outcome is therefore binding. If you have not drawn a place and still want to participate in the Four Days Marches, you can try again next year.

Why does registration not close when the 47,000 limit has been reached?

The current approach gives everyone the opportunity to register. This includes those who realise late that the registration period has begun, and those who do not have access to the internet. Everyone now also receives the opportunity to request information before registering, and the registrations received are generally correct registrations. If registration were to be on a first come, first served basis, there would be a pressure to register as quickly as possible, while some people still need to request information. We think that more people would register in haste and then decide not to participate after all.

Can I see how many people have registered so far?

Yes. From 30 January onwards, we will regularly update the homepage with the number of registrations we have received. Immediately after registration closes, we check for double registrations and other irregularities. This can mean that the actual number of registrations received differs from the number we have most recently published on the website. The number of registrations specified to the notary prior to the draw and which will subsequently be published is final.

Registration for the 101st edition of the Four Days Marches takes place in accordance with the 2017 Restriction Protocol.

The 101st Four Days Marches in images

Join the Four Days Marches in 2018?
From January onwards, you can find the rules and regulations of the 102nd edition on this website.

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