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Weather forecast 101st Four Days Marches

During the Marches meteorologist Jules Geirnaerdt reports about the expected weather in the Nijmegen region. The weather forecast will be published on this page and will be spread via social media as well as through the Four days Marches-app.

Friday 21 July

The final marching day will be nice with a fair amount of sunshine. However developing clouds will also occur. The early morning will be pretty cool with 13°C. Later on temperatures will reach a maximum of 25°C. Winds will be light from southerly directions. In general, conditions will have improved significantly, due to lower humidity.

Thursday 20 July

Thursday will show quite cloudy and humid weather during the morning, with chance of one or two strong showers with a slight possibility for thunder. More sunny spells will occur in the afternoon, with a short-lived shower still possible. High temperature around 25°C, and moderate south-westerly winds.

• Be prepared for rain and thunder showers at the start
• Bring rain gear and dry socks

Wednesday 19 July

Wednesday will be the warmest day of the Four Days Marches. Temperatures will get to the 30°C-32°C range, and humidity will increase accordingly. The heat will be noticeable later in the morning and in the afternoon, but there will be some clouds and a light breeze. There is a chance of a rain or thunder shower in the late afternoon.

The expected weather conditions do not give cause to taking special measures. The earlier given advices still apply: take advantage of the cooler hours in the morning, always keep your head covered, use sunscreen lotion and eat and drink sufficiently.

Tuesday 18 July

Tuesday will be very comfortable for walking. It will be mainly sunny and there will be a slight breeze at 2 to 4 Bft. Humidity will be on the lower side with temperatures around 23-26°C. It will remain dry and sunny throughout the day.

• Always keep your head covered
• Drink enough, but refrain from consuming alcohol
• Eat well

The 101st Four Days Marches in images

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