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You don't organise this event on your own!

It is almost impossible to organise the Four Days Marches without the shared efforts of hundreds of volunteers. Over 750 volunteers (including NRK and NGS), together with a handful of paid employees, are making sure that you will get an unforgettable walking week in July.

There are three important partners that support the organisation of the Four Days Marches: Koninklijke Wandel Bond Nederland (previously known as KNBLO-NL and NWB), Defense and the City of Nijmegen. The Four Days Marches could not be organised without their input, their knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, Stichting DE 4DAAGSE is also supported by its many sponsors that have contributed to the growth of the Four Days Marches by offering their services or financial support, making it the largest international walking achievement event. At Sponsors you will find all sponsors of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE.

Voluntary organisation

Not many people know that the Four Days Marches are being organised by volunteers. Prior to and during the Four Days Marches there are about 350 volunteers busy working on the Four Days Marches. Some - depending on their function within the organisation - spend many hours a week in the Four Days Marches. Others mainly work during the week of the Four Days Marches. This large group of volunteers working for Stichting DE 4DAAGSE is called the 'Uitvoerend Comité' (Executive Committee).
Furthermore, the Dutch Red Cross and the Dutch Society for Sports Masseurs (NGS) also employ about 400 volunteers during the week of the Four Days Marches. Without the commitment of all these people the Four Days Marches as we know it could not exist.

The volunteers working for Stichting DE 4DAAGSE work in different areas within the organisation. There is, for example, a group of volunteers busy with the organisation of the Entry of Friday afternoon and the music during the week. Others will be at the registration desks at the Wedren or on Heumensoord, will punch the checkpoint cards on the route or are helping out with the logistics or on the route.

There are many different tasks for the volunteers within the organisation of the Four Days Marches, but all these volunteers will have one thing in common: they are enthusiastically helping to create a wonderful international walking event!

Drawn to participate in the 101st Four Days Marches?
The registration fee must be paid 30 April at the latest.

Would you like to walk the Four Days Marches to support a charity?
Visit to find out more!

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