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Registration for individual civilian participants

Registration for individual participants is open from 30 January to 31 March inclusive, and is split into two registration periods.

The first registration period is from Monday 30 January (8 a.m.) to midnight at the end of Friday 24 February inclusive. The following people may register during this period:
1. Anyone who completed the 100th Four Days Marches successfully and in accordance with the regulations.
2. Anyone born in the calendar year 2005.

If you do not belong to one of these categories, you may register during the second period from Monday 27 February (8 a.m.) to midnight at the end of Friday 31 March inclusive. Walkers who may register during the first period are also allowed to register during the second period.

If there are more than 47,000 registrations once the registration periods have closed, a draw will be held. More information about how and when the draw will be held is available on the Draw by lot page.

The Restriction Protocol gives exact details of who may register during which period and what happens if the limit of 47,000 registrations is exceeded.

On the page Distance & Rewards you can use the table to see which distance you are expected to walk. On the page Payment & Confirmation you can find information about the registration fee, how to pay and when you can expect a definitive confirmation of your registration.

Registration for the 101st Four Days Marches opens on Monday 30 January (8 a.m.) via the blue button 'Start your registration here' on this website.

Registration for 12 year olds

If you are born in the calender year 2005, you will be asked to add a digital copy of your personal ID to your registration. If the ID is found to be correct, you will receive an e-mail with your registration number. You will need this number to complete your registration. The registration must be followed by an online payment. If the payment is not received before 31 March, the registration will be cancelled. 

Registration 2017

Read more about registration for the 101st Four Days Marches here!

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